What we do differently.

We bring more to your suits and parts!



Sculpted in 3D

We start by sculpting all of our heads in 3D software, and then can color and simulate the fur on heads in a ways to show you the concept prior to building.

Unique Sculpts

Our heads are often unique sculpts. Unless the commission or character is intended to be similar to others, we often create separate sculpts for most of our suits. This gives your character uniqueness in look and expression.

Strong & Pearly Teeth

Our teeth are made from heat polished flexible plastic. They are plates that contain all of the teeth so you will never loose a tooth, and they can never be chipped.

Glassy Toony Eyes

The toony eyes we offer are fully rounded and polished to create a truly glassy looking eye. The screens are water safe and durable to withstand gentle cleaning. Also our eyes are removable too for interchangeable eyes! Our heads can accommodate glasses if requested. However recommend wearing contacts as the closer we can get the head eyes to -your- eyes, the better the field of vision.

Dual Head Fans

We install TWO fans in the heads to exhaust air out and constantly draw in fresh air. We supply an easily interchangeable rechargeable battery, and charges lasts 3-5 hours. Additionally the mouths are aligned as best possible for ease of breathing.

Better Hearing

Either through design positioning or installation of speaker foam, your head will have excellent hearing. No saying "HUH?"

Digitigrade or Plantigrade


-NO- DTDs Needed

NO Duct Tape Dummies are necessary. We have a simple measurements form and ask for three photos of you. We build a cloth body from these measurements that you'll receive and send us photos showing the fit. Give us your feedback of your desired fit and end look, and will make the body to your preference.

Proofs Before Making

We pattern everything digitally! So we will create renders of your suit and send you proofs showing the color breaks. On Digi suits we will also sculpt out the shape of the suit and send proofs prior to patterning the body. YOU get to approve the design prior to production.

Stretch Zones

Our goal to make your suit look good AND fit right. And different body sizes and shapes need different features. Based on your size we will add stretch zones that allow for movement but don't mean you have to be baggy or a dropped crotch.


We can optionally, design allowing, ventilation areas to the suit. Sections in long fur that the fur flows over to hide, but perforated stretch material that lets air flow to to keep you cooler.

Adjustable Digitigrade Padding

Depending on the size of the padding we will install zippers into padded areas for making the padding adjustable. For large padding we will make removable pillows that slide into pockets. Medium and small amounts that can easily dry from washing will be built in.

No Clumping

Nobody wants a lumpy butt, or legs, or chest. This is why we use a premium fill that doesn't clump when its washed. Also its roughly half the density and weight of Polyfill.

Hand and Feet


Fully Emboridered Pads

Digitally embroidered paws with a Commercial Embroidery machine to make the most accurate sewn pads and cleanest look.

Real Shoes

Outdoor paws with legit real shoes with memory foam for excellent support for wandering around cons with out your feet aching.

Optional Heavy Duty Soles

Also offer the option of regular light soft bottoms, or super durable shoe sole rubber for super durable long lasting paws.

Lined and Collared

Foot paws are lined from shoes to collars, strongly sewn so you can grab the collar to pull it on. Poofy hand paws are lined for comfort and durability.



Attached Tails

When you order a body with a tail... We prefer to attach tails! A) It prevents from your underarmour showing thru. B) Makes washing it convenient since its attached, and C) We use the tail as a stretch zone on your body... so when you bend over it provides more room for stretch.

Zippered Insides

Depending on the size of the tail we may install a zipper on the tail and make the insides be a pillow that can be removed for easy washing.

You'll Never Forget your Belt

We also include a belt that's sewn to the tail / body to make sure its held against your body and supports it, gets washed with the suit and -never- gets lost or forgotten!



Fur and Material Samples

We will send you samples of the furs prior to production. For matching furs of an existing suit on parts, or just for your warm and fuzzy of being happy with the fuzzy!

Hidden stitch collars

Paws and bodies are all sewn with rolled edge collars that are stitched to make a nice thick collar that is easy for grabbing and pulling on, super comfortable, and sewn so the stitching is hidden on the outside. We pride ourselves on putting in finishing details that make your suit be professionally made.

So you wanna buy a suit or order parts?

Here's how it works!

Be patient! We "Open for Commissions" typically twice a year. Late Spring and Fall.

We will post a form that you can fill out with what you're interested in, along with details necessary to give you a quote.

In week or less estimates will be sent on projects we feel are a good fit for our style and creative abilities. We will give a rough estimate of timeframe.

We will select which projects we will take on that commission round and determine our schedule for production.

If you are interested in proceeding we will send you an invoice and advise of a completion date range. Parts only commissions have a much quicker turnaround than full suits.

On Full Suits approximately two months prior to completion we will get your measurements, make your cloth body, send samples and consult with you and produce the suit!