This is the Waggery Process!

Below is the overall process for commissioning and bringing your suit to life!

How to apply for a

Commission Slot?

Review our Website

Prior to submitting, make sure to review our website. See our standard features and common options available, along with guidelines on our pricing.

Submit a Form when we open!

When we open, if the pricing fits your budget, and what we can provide is to your linking and interest, please submit an entry through the link to our Google Form provided from our website, Twitter and Mastedon!

We Review and Pick!

We will review through the projects and pick ones that are the best fit for us up to the number of projects we can accept, and send detailed estimates for projects we would be interested in.

Your Acceptance Period

You will be given a period of 3 days to accept or decline. We put this window in place for you to decide, but if you ultimately decline, we can give other people opportunities!

Sending of Invoice

If you accept, we will send you an invoice, and require the deposit be paid within 7 days.


Your Commission

Payment To Start

For us to start, commissions will need to be paid at minimum to 75%. If you have issues on completing payment, there’s no problem. We’ll roll your commission forward until you’re able to pay for up to one year.

When do we start?

We will choose an order for starting based upon when commissions are paid to the starting point and also based on inspiration artistically. And yes, the earlier its fully paid, the earlier it gets started. I try to review, think on for awhile, and when a good idea comes, get started on it.


Cloth Body & Fur Samples

Measurements & Pics

We will send you a document for getting measurements and photos from you. This is around 15 measurments, and request 3 photos of you in form fitting clothing / underwear.

Cloth Body

From the measurements and photos we will produce a cloth body for test fitting and send instructions of photos for you to take and send back.

Fur Samples & Selection

At this time we will also send fur samples for review and selection.

Sculpting Shape

Body & Head

Digitigrade Bodies

Once we begin work on your suit, the first step is making adjustments from the cloth body, and sculpting up the shape for your body (if a Digitigrade commission)

Head Sculpt

Followed by sculpting the shape for the head. This can go through a few rounds to get the shape, expression and design to your liking.

Coloring &


Color Breaks of Design

Once sculpts are approved for the body, paws and head, we will apply the design and send proofs showing the color breaks and describe the furs used, matching to the samples provided. Similarly this can have minor revisions.

Render with Fur

On the head we will generate a fur render giving a decent idea of what the head will look like.

Building &


Patterning, Cutting & Sewing

Upon approval of the color breaks and render, we will pattern the body and head, cut fur & materials, and begin sewing and assembly.

Printing of Head Components

Since our heads are fully designed in 3D, we 3D print all of the components out of various materials for the production of your suit. Your head, eyes, teeth, antlers, etc will get printed, and begin the finishing and assembly process.

Finishing of

Your Suit

Gluing and Assembly

Once all is sewn, and components are printed and prepped, we will glue the fur to the head, insert the eyes and teeth, antlers, tongue, etc.

Shaving & Final Review

Shaving will be done, and photos will be provided at this time for review. We generally don’t provide photos before this because…. its just a pile of parts and pieces so it’s not really that meaningful.

Airbrushing, Floofs, Details

We will attach all floofs, manes, and jewlery. Depending on the design we may add some airbrushing to complete.

Photographs and Shipping!

We often try to do full suit photographs, but it all depends on size of the suit, and people I can get my hands on to fit -in- the suit! But at minimum will take photos of the head. We -always- ask and love to get photos of you wearing the finished suit. We like to see how the fit is, and overall how it looks! Plus... want to see you WAG! ^.^