Frequently Asked Questions

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Starting in 2023 we're going to be opening 3-4 times a year, with a 6-9 month turnaround.

Absolutely! We are setup for shipping with FedEx for international shipments. You are responsible for all duties, taxes, customs, brokers fees, and shipping, and all transactions are done in US Dollars.

Sadly no. We cannot create any copywrited characters. The charcter must not be too similar to any known commercially owned intellectual property.

Unless you're wanting an artistic freedom suit, we will require artwork to best create your character.

With coordination of your parents / guardians. The contract and communications will need to be with the parent / guardian.

Our commission opening in December 2022 we will only be accepting full suits. We may be accepting partials in future, so dont give up!

Admittedly, if it's too far out there, no. But we do enjoy challenges. It needs to be be something that is understandable or people won't get it, including US!

We have a limited number of slots and only so much production time and help, and creative energy, so we pick what will be the best fit for our abilities, artistic style and interest. We do love artistic freedom commissions tho! ;)

Yes, we will upon request for an extra cost. Make sure we're aware at the time of commissioning so we can include in the cost.

We have not set one up yet, and hope to in the future. We've been more focused on getting the work done!


We have a fully professional work environment and don't have any pets or animals in our shop... other than wearable ones! ;)

We have completed a few suits with follow me eyes. Admittedly it's not our first choice for style, but can be ordered for an addittional cost if absolutely desired. In our Gallery you'll see the suits we have completed -- Fairlight Lion, ML Drackel, Rialto Lion, and soon Rowl Lion

Absolutely, just let us know you need that room and we can accomodate. Make sure to wear your glasses when sending us the profile photos of yourself at time of measurements. We encourage glasses wearers to get contacts as it allows the eyes of the suit to be positioned closer to your actual eyes giving you a much wider field of vision. Wearing glasses narrows that considerably since the screen is so much further away from your eyes.

At this moment we're just sticking with standard suits. However our footpaws do zip on, and hands are magnetic.

We have invested a tremendous amount of time in the methods we use to get the problems out, make the process efficient, and ensure quality. Building a suit a different way makes a lot of uncharted territory. We may be able to do small differences, but largely stick with our known and proven methods for consistency, and known results. Trying new things is a large investment in time, and the economics don't often work for a single customer wanting something super unique.

At the time of giving us the measurements, it's best to have your weight or base your measurments off of what you feel is realistic and will be within. Remember, it's easier to go down in size, not so much getting bigger. If your weight changes a lot, it's best to add allowance for that. Digi suits work well for this as we can add stretch zones and padding works well for taking up the difference. The padding is adjustable too so you can take it out or put it in as needed.

Outdoor paws are made with shoes inside for support and protection from your feet from dangerous things on the ground. Indoor Paws are just a sock style, and act like big slippers. Great for lounging, photos and fun, but don't provide -that- much support for long hours of standing or walking.

Yes, we have a 3 month warranty for defects in sewing and materials on our suits. Please review our full terms and conditions which will be sent with any formal quote / estimate we provide.

NO! We do everything by measurements and profile photos of yourself, so you don't have to endure the -oh- so fun process of getting taped up. We will produce a cloth body that you will model and send us back photos showing us how it fits to verify and refine the measurements and fit prior to making your suit.

No, we don't accept materials from customers since we can't be responsible for any problems that result from use of materials we haven't sourced ourselves.

We now recreate your head from the profile photos and head measurement you provide, and this gets used for creating the inside of the fursuit head. Therefore the alignment should be good for how you position your head, the size and shape to give you the best comfort possible.

We include a brush for care, and the care guide. And Waggery stickers! ^.^


Yes! For customers who have either received suits or parts from Waggery, or are in queue for production, you can ask to be invited to the Waggery Chat on Telegram!


We need a 25% deposit to secure your slot. You can make additional payments anytime, and once your slot comes up for work, we need 75% paid to begin work. The suit must be paid in full to deliver / ship. Cost of shipping will be advised at time of shipment, and will be collected before shipment.

We ask for payment in full on parts at the time of placing the order. We can work with you if you need a little time, but will not start work until they are paid, so you can wait until we are ready to work on them in case you do need some time.

Yes. We don't have a specific payment plan, but upon receiving your invoice will have a link for payment, and you can edit the amount to whatever you're able to / want to pay. You can make as many payments as you like, but please make them greater than $100 if possible as we get charged a per transaction fee for each payment.

We send the invoice through Quickbooks, and using their link to pay we accept credit / debit cards, bank account transfer. And if you're wanting to stop by, we accept cash. All pricing and transactions are in US Dollars.


We made this handy guide that you can download! Waggery Care Guide Download

We reccomend using a Green Machine or similar for cleaning, but if you need to perform a total immersion wahsing, our heads contain eyes while are water and alcohol resistant, if they are totally waterlogged will loose their shape. We are working on changing to a plastic screen in future to remedy this. But the eyes can be removed reasonably easily. Also there are two fans in the head that will need to be removed. Unzipping the back access zipper you can pull up the glue holding the fur and reach in and fully remove the fans for washing, and reinstall after. It's not -amazingly- easy, but doable.